Adv. Ovadia Cohen

Ovadia Cohen


An Expert in commercial law and complex commercial litigation, with an emphasis on class actions law suits. Cohen is the leading attorney of the class action department in our firm and the head of the Tel Aviv branch.

In his work Mr. Cohen handles class actions and group claims in a large variety of issues.  He has a vast experience in representing important and complex cases regarding the pharmaceutical industry and regarding matters of banking, insurance companies, telecommunications and more.

Cohen also specializes in liquidation laws and is appointed regularly by various courts as a liquidator on behalf of the court in significant and complex cases. Cohen has vast experience in a variety of fields of commercial law, including corporate and real estate law.



Bachelor of Laws ( LL.B) , Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Additional professional experience:

Internship in the District Court of Jerusalem under the supervision of Justice Zvi Zilbertal, who currently serves as a Supreme Court justice.

Lawyer in the commercial department of Reisman Keidar Co .law firm .



Hebrew, French, English and Spanish