Advocate Michael Dvorin

Michael Deborin


Specializes in commercial law, civil litigation and class action suits and is a founding partner at the law firm Bam, Deborin, Cohen.

As part of his areas of expertise, Mr. Deborin deals with all aspects of real estate law and various areas of commercial law, including corporate law, banking law, class actions, torts, contract law, etc .He also specializes in complex civil and commercial litigation, and has extensive experience in establishing, representing and advising companies and corporations. Mr. Deborin is actively involved in class actions represented by our firm and takes part in advising lead plaintiffs.

Apart from his main areas of practice in the office, Mr. Deborin`s experience covers many fields of commercial law, including bankruptcy laws, labor laws, real estate projects, advising high tech companies, representing in claims regarding sales transactions, defamation and more.

Mr. Deborin serves in various positions in the Bar Association. He is a member of the Jerusalem district committee and the Chairperson of the National Class Actions committee of the Bar Association. As part of his activity in the committee he takes part in shaping the legislation regarding class actions by formulating legislative proposals and amendments and analyzing case law and its impacts. Mr. Deborin also serves as the head of the Jerusalem District consumption Committee of the Bar Association.



Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) , Hebrew University of Jerusalem .


Additional professional experience:

Internship at Levy – Eliakim Co. law firm.

Lawyer in the Commercial Department of Eyal Sternberg Co. law firm.

Lawyer at Tzentler – Goldsmith Co. law firm.



Hebrew, Russian , English.


Contact address: